Toycon 2017 PopLife Fan Xperience

A week has passed and most people are already getting ready for the remaining toy conventions in 2017. Before we move on, I would like to share my story with Toycon 2017 PopLife Fan Xperience that happened last June 30 – July 2, 2017 at SMX Convention Center. (Don’t forget to check the videos below!)


There’s an option to get a Legendary or VIP pass. The Legendary pass costs php 10,000 that included a loot bag from Mindstyle, 3 day passes, 3 autographs and 2 photo-op tickets for the celebrity meet and greet, and of course the 18″ Daimos vinyl figure exclusive to the event. The VIP pass costs php 3,000 that included all of the things mentioned above except for the 18″ Daimos.

Daimos Toycon 2017

It would have been perfect if he can move his arms and legs.

Upon entering the hall, you will be greeted by huge statues, maquettes and robot figures representing each booth and toy genre.

Walking around made me hungry – and yes there is a food area! They have various food stalls that offer rice, fries, pizza, hotdogs, tokiyaki and my favorite – sausage!


Toycon 2017 wouldn’t be complete if there is no toy gallery and the folks from our different toy groups did not disappoint. They showcased their toy lines in all their glory.

and of course what most of the VIP/legendary pass holders waited for, the distribution of the Funko loot bags courtesy of Mindstyle.


yes two hours and counting

We were kinda disappointed not because of the line (it’s not that long to be honest), but for the reason that we waited for two hours. The loot bags are already there but the tickets for the meet and greet were not yet ready. And they wanted to distribute the loot bags and tickets at the same time.

For the meet and greet – I got Karen, Stefan and Kevin then we were told to go up to Hall 4 for the actual signing. There was a not so long line waiting for us, however, they could have improved on the queueing for each celebrity since the queue lines for each celeb were not equal.

Here’s my haul from Day 1 – you’ll notice a lot of Funko POP! vinyl figures (yes, I’m a Funko POP! collector) they are sooooo cute, aren’t they??!! They also bring back lots of childhood memories!


I was dead tired from waking but went back for day two.

Day 2 marks the official opening of Toycon 2017, and to start things off a ribbon cutting ceremony was held by the stage and was graced by the newest Darna: Liza Soberano.


all we need now is the costume

This time more people attended and the cosplayers are also present, from DC to Marvel and a lot more, Day 2 got its fair share of attendees.



that’s what keeps him busy these days


Halloween came early – we also saw Pennywise the clown from IT and Ghost Rider (He’s my friend by the way! Check out his FB page here.)

Here’s a short clip of Toycon 2017 PopLife Fan Xperience:

More snapshots of Toycon 2017 here:

Toycon 2017 has its ups and downs, but overall, it was a fun experience for me.

After seeing this post, will you still go to Toycon 2018? I certainly will!

Share your thoughts and experiences with us!


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