Does Spam Spread Warrants A Blog Post?

Most of you will probably recognise the size of this can, looks familiar? Along the lines of liver spread. For one it’s good to the palette albeit the spammy aftertaste. Not salty like the accustomed taste of SPAM. For the cost, it is quite expensive (well at least for me coz I’m cheap) P209 for 3 at S&R – you won’t be able to buy it per piece.

You can use it to make different kinds of spread, adding mayonnaise make a world of a difference in taste.

I would rate this an 8/10 for me.


Millennial in Manila Raffle

I got some extra Yumi and Michi Funko POP! from the recent Toycon 2017 PH. To promote my new page and share to the Funko community in the Philippines, I raffled them off at PTYD (POP Till You Drop). Thanks to everyone who joined the raffle. Thanks also to Mikki (one of the admins) as well as the other admins of the group. More power and keep poppin! Happy POP hunting guys!

Sir Jay Valle – raffle winner

Yumi & Michi