The Breed Standard


chow chow breed standard

Rough Chow Chow


Since Chow Chow is an ancient dog breed, there are lots of mixed and matches have gone over the years with other dog breeds. Breeding faulted specimens can result to undesirable traits and features that are far from the breed standards.

You’ll see lion-type or bear-type a lot in Chow Chow description. Please note that these are not the types of Chow Chow. The types of Chow Chow are rough and smooth. The difference between the two is the length of their coats. The rough is long coated while the smooth is short coated. But both are still double coated – meaning their fur consists of two layers.

If you’re planning to breed a Chow Chow, make sure that your dog is healthy and conforms to the breed standard. Be a responsible breeder and help preserve the breed in more years to come.

You may check the detailed breed standard in accordance to American Kennel Club here.


**I’m not a Chow Chow expert nor a Chow Chow breeder. I do love Chows! And would love to share information that would better and maintain the breed standards. 


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